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The new norms of duty-free import of goods for personal use

Starting from April 14, 2016 in relation to the import of goods for personal use the persons carrying out entry into the Republic of Belarus more than 1 time in three months, set the following rate of duty-free importation. The weight of such goods shall not exceed 20 kg, and the total cost — 300 euros. In case of excess of one of the following options the procedure of customs clearance and payment of customs duties and taxes provided for economic entities will apply.

Please note that this limitation applies only when persons enter the Republic of Belarus more than once every three months. For the application of these rules count of three calendar months starts from April 14, 2016.

This rule does not apply to:

goods imported by persons who move to permanent residence in the Republic of Belarus and import the goods in connection with such relocation;

goods imported by air transport;

goods imported by persons with privileges and immunities in accordance with international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.

second-hand goods imported by persons not residing permanently in the Member States Eurasian Economic Union:

- In the quantity necessary for use during temporary stay: jewelry; personal hygiene items; portable musical instruments; baby carriages; wheelchairs for the disabled; tools and accessories for sport and tourism (except weapons); portable dialyzers and similar medical devices; pets, including intended for hunting, sport and tourism;

- In 
the quantity not more than 1 unit: photo-, video-, cinema cameras; portable projectors; projectors for viewing slides; portable recording and reproducing equipment, including voice recorders; DVD-players; portable radios, flash players, computers; TVs with a diagonal screen size of less than 42 cm; binoculars;

- Not more than 2 units — mobile phones.

In addition, from 14 April 2016 in respect of goods sent by international mail and (or) delivered by carrier (shipping express delivery) within one calendar month to the address of the person on the territory of the Republic of Belarus,
customs duties are not to be paid if the customs cost of such goods in total do not exceed an amount equivalent of 22 euros, and the total weight do not exceed 10 kg.

This information is not
comprehensive. To get more information and to get acquainted with the legislation regulating the procedure of movement of goods for personal use, pls check the website of the  State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus