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The 2017 Folk Art International Festival “Venok Druzhby” (“Wreath of Friendship”)

The XIV Folk Art International Festival “Venok Druzhby” (“Wreath of Friendship”) will be held in the town of Bobruisk, Mogilev Region from June, 29 (arrival) till July 3 (departure), 2017. It is aimed at the developing and strengthening of the international cultural relations, popularization of folk art and traditions.

The festival is organized by the Mogilev and Bobruisk Regional Executive Committees, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Central Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of the Art Workers.

The creative groups from Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Cuba, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Ghana, Germany, Georgia, Israel, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA, and Venezuela have become participants of the Festival for the last thirteen years.

We invite your folk group (the total number of 30 members, of 15 years of age and older, with attendants and drivers) to take part in the festival. Your group’s repertoire should embody the best local national cultural traditions in singing, music and choreographic genres. (In case you exceed the number of participants or your day duration stay all extra expenses will be paid by the sending party).

Taking part in the festival will not be competitive and it will have the motto of equal importance and artistic value of all the participants, their national cultures and traditions. The participants of the festival will have the opportunity to take part in -

  • the exhibition-contests of the decorative and applied creative activity “Wreath, as a Symbol of the Festival”;
  • the gala concerts of the festival opening and closing ceremonies;
  • the festival theatrical marching in the city streets;
  •  the concerts and performances at different Bobruisk enterprises;
  •  giving concerts at rural clubs and agro-towns of Bobruisk, Kirovsk, Osipovichi, Glusk, Klichev districts of the Mogilev region;
  • the friendship party with the presentation of national cuisine.

Each group or a participant brings and presents a national souvenir for the exhibition and presentation of national souvenirs. All of them will be included into the funds of the Bobruisk local museum afterwards.

The festival participants will be acquainted with of our city history; they will visit the Bobruisk local museum, the Bobruisk Art Gallery.

The Organization Committee will provide the festival participants with the accommodation and three meals a day, transportdelivery and servicing of the groups arriving by plane or train to Minsk or any other city in the Republic of Belarus.

 The side responsible for sending the group-participant pays

  • the arrangement fee of US $5 per a person,
  • for transport expenses to Bobruisk and back,
  • for transport expenses to the festival events places and coming back (for the groups arriving by their own transport),
  • for visas,
  • for insurance policies for all the members of the delegation.

We ask you to send all the necessary materials and a filled-in application form (sealed and signed by the sending side) till March 1, 2017 to the following address – 213809, Могилевскаяобл., г. Бобруйск, пл. Ленина, 1, отделкультурыБобруйскогогородскогоисполнительногокомитета (213 809 The Department of Culture, Ideological Work and Youth Affairs of the Bobruisk Executive Committee 1, Lenin Square, Bobruisk, Mogilev Region, the Republic of Belarus), tel/fax 8 (10-375) (0225) 58-60-29; tel. 8 (10-375) (0225) 58-51-14; e-mail

The application form should include:

  • the passports’ (the birth certificates) copies;
  • 5-6 group’s photos of good quality with good resolution for printed products (traditional and electronic);
  • the creative characteristics of the group;
  • the concert programme (up to 30-35 minutes) including the time of every item ;
  • the application form on participation in the exhibition-contest of the decorative-applied creative activity “Wreath, as a symbol of the festival, as a gift to the festival”;
  • the list of the group participants (including the attendants and drivers), sealed and signed by the sending side, it must contain the names, birth dates, passports (birth certificates) data, their validity, their addresses.

The list must be sent by e-mail on a separate sheet of paper. On arriving you must have three more sealed and signed original copies.

In case there are some applications from the same country, the choice of the group will be made by the Organizing Committee when they study the audio-video materials and appreciate the creative value of the groups.

Sending the official application form on participating in the festival means that you fully accept the programme, the terms and conditions according to which the festival is held. All obligations concerning the author's and neighbouring rights and connected with festival all the sides carry out on their own.

You can find all additional information about the festival on the Bobruisk Executive Committee site

 The group-participant should have the group emblem, a state flag (1m x 2 m) on the staff for the official actions and ceremonies.

We shall be very glad to welcome your group as the participants of the International Festival “Wreath of Friendship”. You are welcome to the festival!