The negative impact on global food security of sanctions against Belarusian potash fertilizers



The Republic of Belarus has repeatedly raised the issue that sanctions against Belarusian potash fertilizers, including Lithuania’s illegal ban on the transit of Belarusian potash, threaten to cause world hunger and endanger global food security. Aides-mémoires from Belarus on this matter have been issued as official documents of the United Nations General Assembly (A/76/513, A/76/677 and A/77/809).

However, Lithuania continues to claim that Belarus’ contribution to global food security is supposedly insignificant, despite Belarus having a 20 per cent share in the global trade in potash fertilizers up until 2022.

The shortage of potash fertilizers as a result of the restrictive measures imposed against Belarusian potash has led to a shortage of potash fertilizers on the world markets and to an increase in their price and, consequently, a reduction in their use, lower crop yields and higher food prices. The situation is particularly dangerous in the least developed countries of the world, with the potential for widespread hunger.

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