Humanitarian projects

Recent projects

Children’s summer camp ''Dubok'' modernization
Aim of the project: supporting healthy lifestyle and improving health of children at “Dubok” children's summer camp. Applicant: Department for Education of the Pruzhany District Executive Committee.

Comfortable home
Aim of the project: creation and maintenance of good living conditions for senior people and people with disabilities through social, household, medical and cultural services. Applicant: state instituition “Lyahovichi Territorial Center for Social Service of the Population”.

Modern material and technical base of health care in Lyakhovichi district
Aim of the project: improvement of the quality of treatment and diagnosis, availability of new research methods for the population of the region. Applicant: healthcare institution ”Lyakhovichi Central Regional Hospital“.

Right to life
Aim of the project: improving the quality of life of patients in the palliative group. Applicant: healthcare institution “Pinsk Children's Hospital”.

Revitalization of the museum-estate ”Pruzhanski palatsyk‟
Aim of the project: revitalization of the museum-estate “Pruzhanski palatsyk”. Applicant: Department for Ideology, Culture and Youth of the Pruzhany District Executive Committee.

The path of good
Aim of the project: improved medical and social care for senior people and people with disabilities. Applicant: public health facility “Miory Central District Hospital'.

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