MFA Report “The Most Resonant Human Rights Violations in Certain Countries” (2022)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus has published a new edition of its regular report “The most resonant human rights violations in certain countries of the world – 2022”.

The report compiles facts and photographs from open sources, including media and documents from international institutions, mainly covering the actions of Western states both in relation to mass actions and citizens, whose views are different from the position of the authorities.

The report is intended to publicly demonstrate that no country ensures the implementation of international instruments containing human rights obligations to the ideal extent as they are fixed on paper.

The position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus remains unchanged and proceeds from the understanding that the international dimension of human rights issues, including international agreements and relevant organisations and institutions, including those within the UN, should be used to improve national systems solely through instruments of voluntary international cooperation based on the principles of sovereign equality of states and non-interference in internal affairs.

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