What goods can be imported to Belarus

Some people travel light. Some people, on the contrary, take more baggage with a thought: I better bring it home unpacked rather than miss any surprise.

No problems will occur with provident travelers at the Belarusian border if they follow a range of simple rules.

The amount of money and/or traveler's checks, which you can take with you, is not limited. If you import more than $10.000 in equivalent to Belarus, just declare the full amount in the passenger customs declaration.

Also, financial instruments, if any, must be declared (except for the above mentioned traveler's checks):

  • bills of exchange,
  • bank checks,
  • hard copy securities, confirming the obligation of the issuer (debtor) on the payment of money without the indication of the person to whom the payment is made.

You should not pay duty if the total weight of articles for personal use in your luggage doesn’t exceed 50 kg, and their total cost is not more than € 1.500.

This rule is applied, inter alia, to alcoholic drinks, beer, tobacco and tobacco products. At that there should be not more than 3 liters of alcohol, cigarettes — 200 (or 50 cigars (cigarillos) or 250 grams of tobacco). And, of course, the import of alcohol and tobacco products is not allowed by persons under 18 years old.

Did you exceed the total weight of 50 kg? For every extra kilogram you will have to pay 30% (not less than Euro 4 per 1 kg) of the customs value of the imported goods in excess of the goods rate.

There are also second-hand goods for personal use, for which the rate of 50 kg and € 1.500 is not applied. In addition to the above mentioned baggage, you can import free of charge (in the amount required for the period of temporary stay): jewelry, hygienic items, portable musical instruments, baby carriages and car seats, wheelchairs, equipment and supplies for sports, tourism and hunting, portable dialyzers and similar medical devices and consumables to them. 

Electronics can be imported free of charge in the amount of 1 unit of photo cameras, video cameras, movie cameras, portable projectors, projectors for viewing slides, portable sound recording and reproducing devices (including voice recorders), DVD-players, portable radios, flash player, TVs (with screen not more than 42 cm), portable personal computers. Exception – 2 mobile phones may be imported free of charge.

Devices for equipment shall be in the amount required for use during the trip. Customs officials shall determine whether the luggage meets these requirements according to the detailed guidelines.

Foreign citizens can import a car or motorcycle to Belarus without paying duties and taxes, for a period of up to 1 year. Moreover, the initial period is 3 months, after which they one should to apply to the customs office for prolongation.

Temporarily imported vehicles may be used within the territory of the Customs Union (it includes, apart from Belarus, the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan) only by those individuals who have imported them.

And before the expiration of the one year period the vehicle must be either brought out from the territory of the Customs Union, or sold, donated, etc. after having paid all the provided customs.

Upon entry to Belarus it is not required to pay the customs extra for fuel in the tank of the car/motorcycle, and for an additional 10 liters in a separate container.

Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors can be imported to Belarus only in the form of medicinal drugs for personal use on medical indications in limited quantities. The need for their use should be supported by relevant documents.

The embargo list also includes printed and audiovisual materials, containing:
  • appeals to carry out extremist and terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism;
  • pornography;
  • agitation, if it is manufactured or distributed in violation of the legislation of the Customs Union on the elections and referendums;
  • attributes and symbols promoting Nazi (or objects confusingly similar to them.)

There is a specific rate for extra alcohol — € 10 per 1 liter, but the customs officials will not allow more than 5 liters.


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